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Portal maps

In my free time, and since the beginning of 2020, I've been taking some time to try and make Portal 2 maps.
I'm currently focusing on the puzzle aspect of the maps, using the base editor provided by the game, and a plugin named BEE mod to create my test chambers. But I'm also very interested in the staging part of the map creation, and I already tried a little bit the Hammer editor made by Valve, which allow the users to control every aspect of the map, as it is closer to a Game Engine than to a classic map editor integrated in a standalone game.

You will find below all my maps, from last to first, and their steam page link, with a small post mortem to describe my thoughts on the maps.

Pendulum 2.png

Pendulum II

This chamber is the first one I would consider "good". I had fun designing with the same interaction as the previous map, and I managed to use as few as possible level design mechanics inside the chamber, which was my main objective : make a map that would be hard to complete, but easy to read.

Pendulum 1.png

Pendulum I

The name of this chamber, and the next one, comes from a little interaction I found when I was messing around with the Hammer editor.
The main problem with this chamber is its lisibility, the last room of the map has a lot of steps to complete, unfortunatly it is not clear for the player what he has to do and when he has to do it.


Chamber 1.png

First chamber

This is the very first map I made for the game. Even though it has nothing really special, I'm still proud of it because it was the first time I released something I made alone on the internet.

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