Forgeron Baston

Forgeron Baston is a crafting game where the player has to create swords in order to defeat his opponent. The game was created during a scientific game jam, which point was to create a game based on a scientific thesis in 48 hours. Forgeron Baston is about metalurgy, and metals interact with each others and there environement : the player will have to consider sevral parameters to craft his sword, like durability, weight, or the weather.

The game was created with a scientific in order to give accurate informations.

I was in charge of designing the game, most of the designing work was to think of a way to include scientific content, such as metal caracteristic, to a gameplay while keeping the exacts words and their caracteristics in the scientific domain. I also participated in the programmation of the game, which won the first prize of the jam.

The game is available for download, only in french.

Game Designer:

Nils Nerson

Game Artists:

Camille Posak

Lauralie Girard

Julie LeHellard


Jacques-Marie Lesaule

Kenza Doukhi

Régis Perdeau

Florentin Pupier-Valade

Sound Designer:

Maia Steinberg


Zélie Tournoud